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Olaf Stoy tells stories about the works of Wolf-Dieter Pfennig

Not only campers on the campsite
The summer started with full force, the ceilings of the rooms became heavier. The Dresden author Olaf Stoy had written a series of short stories. We agreed that a book had to come out of it, illustrated by my hand. It should be ready by the end of the year. Now pack your painting supplies and work outside, develop the necessary momentum in the fresh air.  

In addition to a large art collection, the art lover Roger Groß also owned a no less large campsite and the generosity of an offer that could not be rejected. Wouldn't I like to paint at the beautiful Schwielowsee? The square also has places that are secluded from the general hustle and bustle, offering enough peace and quiet, quite appropriate to its name "Heavenly". He showed me a tempting retreat on the lake shore.  

I saw the summer saved, my dreamed open-air studio. I saw myself painting and with my feet always a little in the lake. I stood in a place where diligence and imagination would be sufficiently supported by the landscape. Here my book project would come true as if by itself.    

Now, a year later, you can buy the book entitled "From the Moment of a Possibility", stories by Olaf Stoy and pictures by Wolf-Dieter Pfennig, at the campsite reception. And of course it is also available in Dresden.

Roger Gross, the art collector and in this case also a patron, acquired the pictures and exhibited some of them as aluminum dibond reproductions on the campsite and in the restaurant. His ambition has the title "art campsite", the beginnings of which are now done.   
Wolf-Dieter Pfennig

Art and culture

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